The Development Law is the main development tool of the country for all categories of businesses (small, medium, large and start-ups). From February 2022, the new Development Law "Greece - Strong Development" replaced the existing Development Law 4399/2016 on private investment and will be, for the coming years, the Basic Institutional Framework for the provision of State Aid to private investments in our country.


In 2022, it is foreseen that the first invitations for programs regarding the new ESPA 2021-2027 will start to be published reaching a budget of 26.18 billion euros , according to the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment. The actions will be emblematic and will focus on the digital transformation and green transition of businesses.

The actions will not be sectoral, ie by sector of businesses, but thematic, so that all small and medium enterprises that need this type of investment, can be included in the programs.


Local Development at the initiative of Local Communities (CLLD), based on the LEADER approach, is a method of designing and implementing complete local development strategies, with the participation of stakeholders at local level, in order to effectively face the financial, social, environmental and demographic challenges rural areas are dealing with.

New Farmers

The aim of the Young Farmers Aid Program is to increase the competitiveness of agricultural holdings through age renewal and the creation of farmer entrepreneurs who, upon support, will have adequate supplies and sustainable holdings.

Intelligent Agriculture

It is an integrated approach to managing agricultural activity. It can bring a significant reduction in costs but also a significant qualitative and quantitative improvement in agricultural production. Utilizes modern technologies and scientific knowledge in a way that you make better decisions for your production, benefiting your pocket and the environment.


The Integrated Management and Control System (IACS/OSDE) is a system for recording and recording agricultural holdings or the products produced by them, so that the distribution of aid to farmers is transparent and fair. It is a huge electronic database for the identification and registration of agricultural parcels, animals and payment entitlements, and the registration of the identity of each farmer who submits the single aid application.

Improvement Plans

The Improvement Plans/Projects provide support to agricultural holdings, for investments aimed at their modernization, at the improvement of production through expansion and at the increase of the value of the produced products and aim at the development and restructuring of the agricultural holdings.