[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In 2022, it is foreseen that the first invitations for programs regarding the new ESPA 2021-2027 will start to be published reaching a budget of 26.18 billion euros , according to the

Deputy Minister of Development and Investment. The actions will be emblematic and will focus on the digital transformation and green transition of businesses.

The actions will not be sectoral, ie by sector of businesses, but thematic, so that all small and medium enterprises that need this type of investment, can be included in the programs.

The total ESPA funds for the new programming period 2021-2027 amount to almost 26.2 billion euros , of which 20.9 billion euros come from the EU (Community participation) and 5.3 billion euros from our country (national participation). The funds will be distributed in 3 main priority axes: In new investments, in the support for companies regarding the pandemic, but also in the stimulation of employment and the self-employed.

Greece was the first country to receive the “green light” of the Commission for the ESPA 2021-2027 and the sending of sectoral and regional programs to the committee has already begun, in order to accelerate their approval and to avoid a financial gap in the market between of the two programming periods 2014-2020 and 2021-2027.

The 5 objectives of the new ESPA 2021-2027

  1. “A Smarter Europe”: related to promoting innovative and smart economic restructuring
  2. “A Greener Europe”: promotes clean and equitable energy regarding green and blue investments.
  3. “A more interconnected Europe”: concerns the development of accessible, high quality, multimodal, smart and sustainable infrastructure and transportation systems.
  4. “A more social Europe”: focuses on human resources and ensuring equal access to quality services and goods.
  5. “A European region closer to its citizens”: promotes sustainable and integrated development via supporting local initiative.



  • Competitiveness-Entrepreneurship-Innovation 2021-2027

The first program that is expected to be activated is the operational program “Competitiveness-Entrepreneurship-Innovation 2021-2027” worth more than 4 billion euros. The new EPANEK has a developmental character and aims at financing small and medium enterprises , boosting productive investments and at the same time creating new jobs. The program is the tool for implementing the Smart Specialization strategy that connects research and innovation with entrepreneurship. The longterm goal is the extroversion of Greek businesses and their reorganization as a lever of economic development

  • “Environment-Energy-Climate Change” worth 3.5 billion euros
  • “Infrastructure-Transport” worth 2.5 billion euros




  • “Competitiveness-Entrepreneurship-Innovation”
  • “Digital Transformation”
  • “Transport Infrastructure”
  • “Human Resource Development-Education and Lifelong Learning”
  • “Civil Protection”
  • “Fair Development Transition”
  • “European Territorial Cooperation” (current INTERREG programs)
  • “Fisheries and the Sea”
  • “Technical support”

The new Espa programs aimed at supporting small and medium enterprises. In particular, the subsidies cover the following areas:

  1. Digital Transformation of small and medium enterprises. It is planned to integrate new information technologies, such as software and systems for process automation, electronic payments, remote work, digital office, digital marketplace, cybersecurity, etc. Small and medium-sized enterprises will increase their competitiveness and take a strong position in the market. Project amount: 375 million euros

  2. Business savings – Energy upgrading of buildings and production processes, supply and installation of heat recovery systems in production processes, “smart” energy systems, use of electric distribution vehicles, etc. The aim of these actions is to increase the energy efficiency of small and medium enterprises. their energy operating costs . Thus, they will improve their operation and save at least 30%. Amount of the project: EUR 450 million

  3. Electromobility: Within the framework of the program, electric car charging stations will be created throughout Greece (airports, highways, vehicle service stations, gas stations, etc.) and the polluting commercial vehicles and taxis will be replaced with electric ones. Subsidies for charging stations include the installation of electric chargers and all of the necessary equipment and facilities. Amount for the project: 100 million euros

  4. Modernization of tourism businesses. The program provides the opportunity to renovate existing tourism companies, improve their performance and invest in new services of high added value. In fact, it concerns interventions in alternative forms of tourism, such as Mountain Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism, Agrotourism and Gastronomy and Diving Tourism, and accessibility to the beaches. Project amount: 100 million euros

  5. Digital Transformation of the Agricultural sector, supporting the purchase and development of technological equipment (Xband Meteorological Radar, Telemetry & Remote-Control Stations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, high-resolution satellite images and infrastructure for their analysis, etc.), the development of integrated information systems ( for the new CFP, for the insurance of agricultural products, Management Information System for irrigation issues, etc.) and export activities (platform that facilitates the issuance of certificates necessary for exports, Business Intelligence system for imports and exports, a portal for the promotion of Greek agricultural products). The subsidies are aimed at boosting agricultural and livestock production and the production of new high quality products and are estimated to exceed 500 mIlion euros.

  6. Smart processing: Manufacturing companies will be subsidized in order to be supplied with machinery and production equipment and modernize their infrastructure. The subsidy rate will be 50% and applications will be submitted until the ends of 2022

  7. Water saving and desalination for businesses for better usage and management of drinking water. Project amount: 50 million euros

  8.  Strengthen aquaculture with equipment, research, transfer of know-how and training of human resources, in order to increase productivity, reduce production costs, increase exports, as well as jobs in the sector.