[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]According to the principle of “shared management”, the countries of the European Union (EU) are responsible for managing and controlling payments to their country’s farmers. The main element of the payment management system is the integrated management and control system (IACS/OSDE).

The Integrated Management and Control System (IACS/OSDE) is a system for recording and recording agricultural holdings or the products produced by them, so that the distribution of aid to farmers is transparent and fair. It is a huge electronic database for the identification and registration of agricultural parcels, animals and payment entitlements, and the registration of the identity of each farmer who submits the single aid application.


The IACS/OSDE consists of a number of digital and interconnected databases, namely:

  • a system of identification of all agricultural land in EU countries, the system of identification of parcels (RSS/SAA)
  • a system that allows farmers to graphically indicate the agricultural land for which they are applying for aid (application with geospatial data)
  • an electronic database of animals in EU countries where animal aid schemes apply
  • an integrated control system which ensures systematic checks of aid applications based on computerized cross-checks and physical checks on holdings (on-the-spot checks)

1. The Single Application or IACS/OSDE Application is the only aid application to be submitted by the farmer and the covering all direct aid schemes and measures, small island measures Aegean Sea and all Rural Development Measures related to areas or concerning animals.

2. A basic condition for the granting of direct payments is that the farmer must comply, each year, with the capacity of “active farmer”.

3. No direct payments shall be granted to farmers when the total amount of direct payments to be made aid before the recovery of amounts unduly paid and the application of administrative sanctions for a given calendar year does not exceed 250euros, except for farmers whose registered office is is located in the small Aegean islands.


The Single Aid Application (SEN/EAE) is submitted in electronic form to OPEKEPE by the same the farmer or his authorized representative:

a) Directly to OPEKEPE through online system, at the electronic address www.opekepe.gr

b) Through a certified Application Center (KYD) of his choice that has been certified for the geographical area to which the seat of his agricultural holding belongs.

The IACS ensures the management and control of income support in a standard way in all EU countries. As a rule, the IACS covers a one-year process, which begins with the electronic submission of income support applications by farmers. To support farmers in this process, national administrations must provide them with predefined information which they can confirm, correct or supplement.

The national administrations then check whether the farmers are eligible for income support, with administrative checks on all applications and on-the-spot checks on a sample of farmers.

Following are the payments to farmers, which take into account any findings of administrative and on-the-spot checks. Finally, the national administration updates the pre-determined aid applications for next year, using the information gathered during this year’s process.


The deadline for timely submission of the single application (IACS) is 15 May each calendar year.

2. Except in cases of force majeure and exceptional circumstances, the submission after 15 May
of : a) The IACS/application entails a reduction of the grant amount the farmer qualifies for (1% per working day)

b) the application for the granting of payment entitlements entails a reduction of the amounts to be paid in relation to the payment entitlements granted for the first time in 2019 to the beneficiary, by 3% per
working day

In case of delay of more than 25 calendar days the application is considered inadmissible.

AGRO-TRUST designer Vasilopoulos Dimitris & Associates is a Certified Body A ‘by OPEKEPE. in the Prefectures of Argolida & Corinth for IACS/OSDE declarations & transfers of rights 2014-2020.

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