3rd Invitation regarding submission of supporting applications to join

in sub-measure 6.1 “Settlement of Young Farmers” of the Agricultural Program

Of Development (RDP) of Greece 2014 – 2020 »

1: The aim of the Young Farmers Aid Program is to increase the competitiveness of agricultural holdings through age renewal and the creation of farmer entrepreneurs who, upon support, will have adequate supplies and sustainable holdings.

In this context, the provision of flat-rate financial assistance to young people who have not exceeded the age of 41 for entering and staying in agricultural employment and their first establishment, as leaders, on agricultural holdings is provided.

Sub-measure 6.1 is co-financed by the European Union (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development “EGTA”) and by the Greek State.

2: Sub-measure 6.1 of the Rural Development Program (RDP) 2014-2020 is applied in areas where agricultural activity is important , ie in the whole country except for some exceptions.

3: The reference year of the support application is defined as the year 2021 . Therefore, the application for support is based on the Single Aid Application (SEN) submitted in 2021.

4. Eligibility criteria, business plan, financial support:

4.1. The right to apply for support has a) natural people and b) legal entities in which the head of the farm is a young farmer who, at the date of application for support, meets the following conditions:

4.1.1. He is an adult and has not exceeded 41 years of age.

4.1.2. He is a permanent resident in some of the areas of application of the measure.

4.1.3. It is established for the first time on the holding during the eighteen months preceding the date of submission of the application for support.

4.1.4. Submits EAE for the year 2021.

4.1.5. It is registered in the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings (MAAE) as a professional farmer newcomer to the agricultural sector, for natural people, or as a holder of agricultural holding, for legal entities.

4.1.6. Has not been engaged in agricultural professional activity for at least the last 5 years before the date of first establishment.

4.1.7. During the last five years he has not submitted an IACS declaration with a standard yield that exceeds 12,000 euros in the mainland, Crete and Evia and 10,000 euros on the islands except Crete and Evia.

4.1.8. He has no non- agricultural employment, permanent dependent or non-dependent or, if he has, he undertakes to terminate it after the announcement of the results of the examination of his application (if deemed eligible) and before his inclusion in the measure.

4.1.9. He has not previously been a beneficiary of measures for young farmers in the PAA 2014 – 2020, the PAA 2007 – 2013 and the EPAA-AY- 2000 – 2006.

4.1.10. Has no spouse who or who:

4.1.11. He / she is not a student who has not completed the number of years of study provided for each school.

4.1.12. Legal entities must be owned primarily by a young farmer (the young farmer owns at least 51% of the capital of the legal entity). The young farmer must meet all the above conditions.

4.2. The agricultural holding must be located in the wider area of the place of permanent residence of the farm manager. The wider area of the place of residence means the area in which the farmer has access to the proper operation of the holding. This area can not exceed the boundaries of the neighboring Regional Units.

4.3. The agricultural holding must be included in its entirety in EAE 2021. The size of production capacity (expressed as standard yield) must be greater than or equal to,

a) Has submitted an IACS(OSDE) declaration in the year 2021 and / or

b) In the years 2019 and / or 2020 he has submitted an IACS declaration with a standard yield exceeding 12,000 euros in the mainland Crete and Evia and 10,000 euros on the islands other than Crete and Evia and / or

c) Is a professional farmer , based on a certificate from the MAAE, or has the conditions to be designated as a professional farmer by the MAAE. Excluding the spouses of professional farmers in the fisheries sector.

a) twelve thousand euros (12,000 €) for the mainland, Crete and Evia.

b) ten thousand euros (10,000 €) for the islands with a population greater than 3,100 inhabitants except Crete and Evia. 4

4.4. Applicants submit a standard business plan for the development of their farm. The duration of the implementation of the business plan can not be less than three years and longer than four. The start of the implementation of the business plan must begin no later than nine months after the decision to join. After the year of completion of the business plan the beneficiary is obliged to maintain the status of professional farmer for four years.

4.5. The amount of aid is not linked to specific costs and is as follows: Basic aid amount of 35,000 euros on which the following surcharges can be calculated :



c) eight thousand euros (8,000 €) for the islands with a population less than or equal to 3,100 inhabitants.

(d) taking into account the significant environmental contribution of beekeeping and the EU priorities for pollinators (Green Agreement, Farm Strategies – Dish and Biodiversity) regardless of the location of the new farmer, are eligible IACS at least 109 cells.

The standard yield of the holding does not include the standard yield of the seed crops.

a) 2,500 euros, if the area of permanent residence of the young farmers is located in mountainous or less-favored areas or on small islands (islands with a population of up to 3,100 inhabitants) or a combination of these categories of areas.

b) 2,500 euros, provided that the main direction of the agricultural holding at the completion of the business plan is poultry .

Therefore the amount of aid can be adjusted from € 35,000 to € 40,000.

The financial support is paid in two portions. The first installment is paid with the inclusion of the new farmer in the measure and corresponds to 70% of the total aid.

5. Commitments made by the beneficiaries:

i. To submit and successfully execute a business plan for the development of their farm until the completion of four years from the date of their inclusion in the measure by submitting a request for completion of their business plan during the fourth year from the date of inclusion.

ii . To acquire the status of professional farmer and to maintain it for four years from the year of completion of their business plan. These obligations will be checked electronically based on the respective registers of the Ministry of Regional Development and other bodies.

  1. +there are runners-up or randomly chosen or higher or equal to the score base.


6. Selection of candidates: The submission of an application does not create in the Greek State the obligation of its approval. The measure is competitive, ie each application is graded after evaluation and is ranked according to its score. In case of insufficient resources, the applications with the highest score are approved as a priority, while the remaining applications are rejected.

It is noted that during the examination and evaluation of aid applications as well as during implementation, the declared data intersect with the official data of the State and other Public Services, especially with the data of the Integrated Management and Control System and the other Registers of the Ministry of Agriculture. Development and Food, of TAXIS, of the Insurance Organizations, with the aim of verifying the accuracy of the declared data.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]