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Local Development at the initiative of Local Communities (CLLD), based on the LEADER approach, is a method of designing and implementing complete local development strategies, with the participation of stakeholders at local level, in order to effectively face the financial, social, environmental and demographic challenges rural areas are dealing with.

It is a particularly powerful tool for local communities in order to:

a) take firm steps towards more effective forms of economic, sustainable and nonrestrictive growth, in line with the ‘’Europe 2020’’ strategy,

b) to “innovate” to address the socio-economic problems of the country’s rural areas and

c) strengthen social cohesion in rural areas.

The complete development strategies are implemented through 50 local programs that have been selected to be implemented in rural areas of the country, at the regional unit level, by the Local Action Groups (LAGs), which are local cooperation agreements between the public and private sector.


The local programs are structured in three Sub-Projects:

19.2: “Private interventions and other provisions implementing local programs”

19.3: “Support for the preparation and implementation of inter-local and transnational collaborations”

19.4: “Support for operating expenses and encouragement”

Within the framework of the 19.2 Sub-Project, the following are to be implemented:

-Interventions of public nature that contribute directly or indirectly to the development of the local economy, and

Interventions of private and therefore business nature.

The categories of action that can be implemented through local programs and contribute to accomplishing the goals of approved local strategy, are patterned after everything prescribed in each approved local program.