The company was founded in February 2000 by Dimitris Vassilopoulos, Agriculturist - Agricultural Engineer Msc G.P.A. and was one of the first, if not the first specialized office of purely agricultural studies in our country.

Its object was to provide quality services to farmers of plant or animal orientation, and was mainly concerned with the preparation of cultivation plans for the needs of the compensatory programs and Organic Agriculture - Livestock, in the preparation of application files for the inclusion of candidates in the programs of New Farmers and early retirement of farmers, in the elaboration of economic and technical studies for the inclusion of farmers - investors in aid schemes on agricultural holdings and in the elaboration of management plans for the management of pastures in Municipalities of the Peloponnese Region.

Subsequently and simultaneously with the above objects, the company developed in the field of integration, management and monitoring of development programs co-financed by Community and national resources. A large number of co-financed investment projects in the food sector, the construction of tourism, the trade of innovation, etc. were integrated and implemented.
AGRO-TRUST designer consulting Vasilopoulos Dimitris & Associates is a Certified Body A 'by OPEKEPE. in the Prefectures of Argolida & Corinth for IACS declarations & transfers of rights 2014-2020.

AGRO-TRUST designer consulting Vasilopoulos Dimitris & Associates with its experienced and specialized staff, is ready to provide you with a complete service of the interested Farmers and Breeders for the valid submission of their applications.

We look forward to meeting you at our offices in Nafplio and Nemea so that you can be reliably be informed about the IACS Applications, the Transfers of Rights as well as about all the Services of Economic & Agricultural Studies, investment program management provided by AGRO-TRUST Vassilopoulos Dimitrios &Collaborators.